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Hilary Koprowski: NY Times Obituary

The New York Times

April 21, 2013 Sunday

Hilary Koprowski Dies at 96; Developed First Live-Virus Polio Vaccine

Margalit Fox

It was a brew to rival any in ''Macbeth.'' The main ingredients were rat brain and a fearsome, carefully cultivated virus.

Hilary Koprowski: The Independent Obituary

The Independent (London)

April 18, 2013 Thursday

Dr Hilary Koprowski; Virologist who developed the first oral vaccine against polio

Phil Davison

Hilary Koprowski: The Daily Telegraph Obituary

The Daily Telegraph (London)

April 16, 2013 Tuesday

Hilary Koprowski; Virologist who pioneered the first successful oral vaccine against polio

HILARY KOPROWSKI, who has died aged 96, developed the first successful oral vaccine against polio, but lost out in the race to gain an official licence.

The Death of Hilary Koprowski

It has just been announced that Dr Hilary Koprowski died on Thursday April 11th, at the age of 96.

The first report I have seen comes from The Huffington Post, and at the head of the following comments we learn that "HuffPo is filtering out the justifiable controversy surrounding this mans career." It will be interesting to see what sort of coverage Koprowski's death engenders elsewhere in the coming days.

Hilary Koprowski: The Philadelphia Inquirer Obituary

The Philadelphia Inquirer

April 14, 2013 Sunday

Hilary Koprowski, polio vaccine pioneer, dead at 96

Stacey Burling

Hilary Koprowski, a virologist and former director of the Wistar Institute who developed the first polio vaccine and helped improve the rabies vaccine for humans, has died.

NYT Letter: Polio Campaigns

Sent to letters page of NYT on 25/12/2012, but not printed:

Letter to the editor, regarding "Getting Polio Campaigns Back on Track" by Donald McNeil; Dcember 25th, 2012.


A Comprehensive Response to Recent Publications

I would like to thank the many readers of this site who have contacted me in the last six or seven months about the two new books purporting to explain how the AIDS pandemic began: The Origins of AIDS by Jacques Pepin, and Tinderbox by Craig Timberg and Daniel Halperin.

I have been enormously encouraged by the dozens of requests for me to make a response, and by the fact that whenever readers have added their own comments about these books, they have been sceptical ones.

With good reason, as it turns out. Read on.

Included in this posting:

New Honour for Hilary Koprowski

Hilary Koprowski has been honoured by his native Poland. Read the press release here.

More Worobey Misinformation

The AIDSOrigins Webmaster has just drawn my attention to the following article on the Web. Apparently entitled: The AIDS Conspiracy Handbook, it was written by Juliet Lapidos.

It lists several wacky theories about the origins of AIDS. One of the theories that features is the OPV theory, and Ms Lapidos sums up as follows:

A Nobel Prize for Montagnier and Barré-Sinoussi

Congratulations to Luc Montagnier and Françoise Barré-Sinoussi of the Pasteur Institute who, it was announced yesterday, have just been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their discovery of the AIDS virus (now called HIV) in 1983. They shared the prize with Harald zur Hausen, from Germany, who discovered the link between Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and cervical cancer.

"Back in ten minutes" - A Personal Message From Ed Hooper

I have greatly enjoyed the feedback and comment which this site has engendered since it first opened three years ago.

During those three years I have received thousands of messages and enquiries, and I have replied to the great majority. Occasionally one slips through the net, and to those persons I have failed to respond to, I do apologise.

The Seeds of Doom

A new drama documentary about the origins of AIDS.

The Seeds of Doom
Story of a controversial theory about the origin of AIDS

The author and performer of this one-man play, Christian Biasco, is a 33-year-old Italian-speaking Swiss man who is taking a DEA (which falls somewhere between a Masters and a PhD) in the History of Medicine at the University of Geneva. After first coming across the origins-of-AIDS controversy in 2001, he decided to choose this as his specialist topic, and as the subject of his dissertation.

He also decided to write a play on the subject, "The Seeds of Doom", which he has performed in over 30 venues in Switzerland and northern Italy in the last three years, eliciting warm praise and considerable interest among those who have seen it. Christian refers to it as a "drama-documentary", and whenever possible he takes questions from the audience after the performance.

HIV Origin 'Found in Wild Chimps'

The origin of HIV has been found in wild chimpanzees living in southern Cameroon, researchers report.

A virus called SIVcpz (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus from chimps) was thought to be the source, but had only been found in a few captive animals.

Now, an international team of scientists has identified a natural reservoir of SIVcpz in animals living in the wild.

The findings are to be published in Science magazine.

Found at Last: the Chimps that Gave AIDS to the World

The Times (London)

Researchers have traced the origin of HIV -the virus that causes Aids -to chimpanzees in southern Cameroon.

Second Letter to Prof. Iliffe

February 26th, 2006

Dear Professor Iliffe,

Thankyou for your note dated February 23rd, and for the generous references to my work on pages 202 and 203 of your book, which I had not previously read.


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