Robin Weiss, Professor of Virology, Doctor of Spin

14 January, 2004; updated 13 February, 2004; posted 26 February, 2004.

In his concluding speech at the Lincei conference of September 2001, later published under the title "Emerging Persistent Infections: Family Heirlooms and New Acquisitions" [Weiss, 2003], Professor Robin Weiss devoted a section to the origins of AIDS debate.

Comments on the Lincei Conference

An important conference, albeit one that was virtually ignored by all but the Italian media.

Truth and Science: Bill Hamilton's Legacy

Maria Luisa Bozzi, “Truth and science: Bill Hamilton’s legacy”, Atti dei Convegni Lincei; 2003; 187; 21-26. This is part of the proceedings of the round table conference on "Origin of HIV and Emerging Persistent Viruses", Rome, 28-29 September 2001.

Dephlogistication, Imperial Display, Apes, Angels, and the Return of Monsieur Émile Zola

The paper presented by Edward Hooper at the 2001 Lincei Conference, published in Atti dei Convegni Lincei; 2003; 187; 27-230.

This major essay, based on the speech Ed Hooper gave at the National Academy of Lincei, in Rome, in September 2001, was originally prepared for publication in the house journal, Atti dei Convegni Lincei. It is over 200 pages long, and represents Hooper's major published response to the web of disinformation and misleading claims that certain members of the scientific community have created in response to "The River", and in the wake of the Royal Society meeting on "Origins of HIV and the AIDS epidemic". Hooper suggests that this essay represents useful base-line reading for any visitors to this site who are seriously interested in the question of how the AIDS pandemic began.

Recombination and Phylogenetic Analysis of HIV-1

Recombination and Phylogenetic Analysis of HIV-1 (pdf, 837k)

Paper by Mikkel Schierup and Roald Forsberg from the Lincei Conference.

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