Articles by Ed Hooper

Letters to Nature

Edward Hooper's unpublished letter to the editor of Nature in response to John Moore's review (Nature, 23 September 1999)

September 27, 1999.

Dear Mr Campbell,

I read with great interest John Moore's review of my book, The River. Might I point out that it contained a number of errors? I would appreciate the opportunity to correct these in your pages.

Preliminary Notes Concerning Shortcomings of aCorrespondence by Y. Ohta

Preliminary Notes Concerning Shortcomings of a
Correspondence by Y. Ohta, et al., Entitled "No Evidence for the
Contamination of Live Oral Poliomyelitis Vaccines with Simian
Immunodeficiency Virus," Published in AIDS, 3: 183-4,

Introduction: This piece is to be read in conjunction with L
Pascal, What Happens When Science Goes Bad, Science and
Technology Analysis Working Paper #9, Department of Science and
Technology Studies, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, NSW 2522,
Australia, Dec 1991. It should also be read in conjunction with the
report of the Wistar Committee (C Basilico, C Buck, R Desrosiers, D
Ho, F Lilly, E Wimmer, "Report from the AIDS/Poliovirus Advisory
Committee," Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology, 3601 Spruce St.,
Philadelphia, PA 19104, 18 Sep 1992). The Ohta paper is discussed at
some length in the appendix to What Happens When Science Goes
but its errors greatly exceeded the space available to point
them out. In addition, both the Wistar Committee and Koprowski have
continued to make important use of the Ohta piece in their arguments;
hence this more detailed treatment.