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Is AIDS Man-Made? 12-Nov-1999 The River, Journal Items
Debate Over the Origin of AIDS 09-Nov-1999 News Items, The River
U.S. Researchers Stung by Claims of AIDS Origin 08-Nov-1999 News Items, The River
Hooper's Unpublished Response to Amazon Review 03-Nov-1999 The River
Tracking AIDS' Origin 29-Oct-1999 News Items, The River
Experts Shun Book Linking AIDS To Vaccine Administered in the 50s 15-Oct-1999 News Items, The River
Amazon Review 13-Oct-1999 The River
This Little Boy is Dying of AIDS... ...Did Western Medicine Give it to Him? 04-Oct-1999 News Items, The River
Bill Hamilton's Foreword to The River 01-Oct-1999 The River
Letters to Nature 27-Sep-1999 Journal Items
Course of a Killer Virus 25-Sep-1999 News Items, The River
A Controversial HIV/AIDS Hypothesis 25-Sep-1999 The River
Up the River Without a Paddle? 23-Sep-1999 The River
The Makings of a Medical Disaster 31-Aug-1999 News Items, The River
The White Death 18-Oct-1996 News Items
Earliest AIDS Case Is Called Into Doubt 04-Apr-1995 News Items
Science Rejection 29-Apr-1994 Journal Items
First Referee's Report 29-Apr-1994 Journal Items
Second Referee's Report 29-Apr-1994 Journal Items
Appeal to Science 24-Feb-1994 Journal Items
Letter from Science 17-Feb-1994 Journal Items
Letter to Science (2) 28-Jan-1994 Journal Items
AIDS Theory vs. Lawsuit 28-Jan-1994 Journal Items
Letter to Science (1) 18-Jan-1994 Journal Items
"Origin of AIDS" Update 10-Dec-1993 News Items
Preliminary Notes Concerning Shortcomings of aCorrespondence by Y. Ohta 08-May-1993 Articles
Polio Vaccines and the Origin of AIDS 03-Feb-1993 Journal Items
Polio Vaccines and the Origin of AIDS 06-Jan-1993 Journal Items
Letter to Science 01-Oct-1992 Journal Items
Report from the AIDS/Poliovirus Advisory Committee 19-Sep-1992 Articles
AIDS and the Polio Vaccine 22-Aug-1992 Journal Items
The Origin of AIDS 20-Mar-1992 Articles
A Startling 19,000-Word Thesis on the Origin of AIDS 01-Mar-1992 Journal Items
The Corruption of Science and the Origin of AIDS 01-Dec-1991 Articles