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Report from the AIDS/Poliovirus Advisory Committee 19-Sep-1992 Articles
Rétrospective d'un Virus. 23-Apr-2004 Documentary
Review of Dephlogistication ... 06-Mar-2006 Journal Items
Review of The Origins of AIDS by Jacques Pepin 25-Apr-2012 Articles
Review of Tinderbox by Craig Timberg and Daniel Halperin 25-Apr-2012 Articles
River of Tears 05-Apr-2000 News Items, The River
Robin Weiss, Professor of Virology, Doctor of Spin 15-Jan-2004 Lincei, Conferences
Science Magazine Rejects Yet Another Submission 27-Jul-2006 Journal Items
Science Rejection 29-Apr-1994 Journal Items
Scientific Analysis 02-Oct-2000 Journal Items
Scientists Reach no Conclusion on AIDS-Polio Vaccine Connection 13-Sep-2000 News Items, Royal Society, Conferences
Scientists to Debate Whether Polio Trial Triggered AIDS Epidemic 10-Sep-2000 News Items, Royal Society, Conferences
Scientists Toss Hooper Theory on AIDS Origin 17-Sep-2000 News Items, Royal Society, Conferences
Searching for the Origin of AIDS 01-Jan-2000 The River, Journal Items
Second Letter to Prof. Iliffe 26-Feb-2006 News Items
Second Referee's Report 29-Apr-1994 Journal Items
Showdown in London 14-Sep-2000 News Items, Royal Society, Conferences
Smoke and Mirrors from Stanley Plotkin 08-Dec-2006 Articles
Some Glimmer of Light, Perhaps, At The End Of The Tunnel? 10-Oct-2012 Articles
State of Debate on the Origins of AIDS 15-Dec-2000 Royal Society, Conferences, Articles
Statement of the Hypothesis 12-Sep-2000 News Items, Royal Society, Conferences, Journal Items
Submission to Nature 01-May-2001 Journal Items
Sundance Channel Acquires Rights 11-Jan-2005 News Items, Documentary
Tests Discredit Chimp Theory on HIV 12-Sep-2000 News Items
Tests Fail to Link AIDS Spread, Polio Vaccine 11-Sep-2000 News Items, Royal Society
Tests Fail to Support Theory on AIDS and Role of Chimpanzees andVaccine 12-Sep-2000 News Items
The Accused 08-Sep-2000 News Items, Royal Society, Conferences
The AIDS Road to Hell 01-Jan-2004 Journal Items
The Air-Brushing of History 25-Apr-2012 Articles
The Allegation that The River has Damaged Modern Attempts to Eradicate Polio 15-Oct-2004 Articles
The Annexing of the Stanleyville Samples 30-Nov-2004 Articles
The Bushmeat Gang (The Gang That Couldn't Tell The Time!) 22-Nov-2010 Articles
The Bushmeat Theorists Fail to Deliver Once Again 28-Mar-2006 Articles
The Corruption of Science and the Origin of AIDS 01-Dec-1991 Articles
The Death Of a Truthful Man. Pierre Doupagne, (1923-2008) 07-Nov-2008 Articles
The Death of an American Hero 25-Jan-2009 Articles
The Death of Hilary Koprowski 14-Apr-2013 News Items
The Death of Professor Paul M. Osterrieth - and its Significance for the Origins of AIDS debate 04-Jan-2007 Articles
The Dirty Side of the Origin-of-AIDS Debate 23-Feb-2004 News Items
The Emperor's New Clothes: Beatrice Hahn and The Latest Mumbo Jumbo 26-May-2006 Articles
The End of Aetiology 27-Dec-1999 News Items, The River
The Hollywooding of Science 16-Jun-2006 Articles
The Latest Scientific Evidence Strongly Supports the OPV Theory 27-Jan-2005 Articles
The Makings of a Medical Disaster 31-Aug-1999 News Items, The River
The Man Who Knew Too Soon 20-Jan-2000 News Items, The River
The New AIDS Origins Web-Site 07-Jul-2013 AIDSOrigins newsletter
The New Round of Legal Threats by Doctors Koprowski and Plotkin 15-Oct-2004 Articles
The Origin of AIDS 15-Jun-2000 News Items, The River
The Origin of AIDS 20-Mar-1992 Articles
The Origin of Aids 06-Sep-2000 News Items, Royal Society, Conferences