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Premature "Exoneration" of Polio Vaccines 01-May-2001 Journal Items
Submission to Nature 01-May-2001 Journal Items
Efforts to Prove Origin of AIDS Continue 17-May-2001 News Items
Position Paper on the Origins of HIV/AIDS Debate 14-Jun-2001 Royal Society, Conferences, Articles
Papers Presented at the Royal Society Meeting 29-Jun-2001 Royal Society, Conferences, Journal Items
Recombination and Phylogenetic Analysis of HIV-1 19-Sep-2001 Lincei, Conferences
Dephlogistication, Imperial Display, Apes, Angels, and the Return of Monsieur Émile Zola 28-Sep-2001 Lincei, Conferences, Journal Items
Truth and Science: Bill Hamilton's Legacy 08-Mar-2003 Lincei, Conferences, Journal Items
The Story of a Man-Made Disease 18-Mar-2003 News Items, Articles
Aids and the Polio Vaccine 03-Apr-2003 News Items
Comments on the Lincei Conference 17-Oct-2003 Lincei, Conferences
Opposition to the OPV Theory 01-Dec-2003 Articles
Could an Ancient Sample of HIV-1 be Faked? 02-Dec-2003 Articles
Chimpanzees and Journalists 01-Jan-2004 Journal Items
The AIDS Road to Hell 01-Jan-2004 Journal Items
Oral Polio Vaccine: Fact Versus Fiction 07-Jan-2004 Journal Items
Robin Weiss, Professor of Virology, Doctor of Spin 15-Jan-2004 Lincei, Conferences
The Dirty Side of the Origin-of-AIDS Debate 23-Feb-2004 News Items
As Far as is Known, Modern Polio Vaccines are Safe 03-Mar-2004 Articles
Un Virus aux Origines Encore Mysterieuses 17-Apr-2004 Documentary
Contaminated Polio Vaccine Theory Not Refuted 20-Apr-2004 Articles
Rétrospective d'un Virus. 23-Apr-2004 Documentary
Questions Sur Les Origines du Sida 23-Apr-2004 News Items
Les Origines du Sida 23-Apr-2004 News Items, Documentary
La Thèse Controversée 23-Apr-2004 Documentary
Haro Sur un Docu Sur le Sida 23-Apr-2004 News Items, Documentary
Comments on Worobey et al.'s Supplementary Information and Map 23-Apr-2004 Journal Items, Articles
Un Documentaire sur « Les Origines du Sida » 28-Apr-2004 Documentary
Our Map to the Madness 30-Apr-2004 Documentary
About Us 01-May-2004
The Origins of AIDS 03-May-2004 News Items, Documentary
Downtown Express 04-May-2004 News Items, Documentary
Docs Without Borders 10-May-2004 News Items
Voici la Chronique Arts et Spectacles 10-May-2004 News Items, Documentary
Obituary for Maria Luisa Bozzi, 1939-2004 19-May-2004 News Items
Edward Hooper Biography 26-May-2004
Emmy Nomination for "The Origins of AIDS" 14-Oct-2004 News Items, Documentary
The New Round of Legal Threats by Doctors Koprowski and Plotkin 15-Oct-2004 Articles
Untruths, Misrepresentations and Spin 15-Oct-2004 Articles
Dr Hilary Koprowski - The Man of Many Ideas 15-Oct-2004 Articles
The Allegation that The River has Damaged Modern Attempts to Eradicate Polio 15-Oct-2004 Articles
Prix Europa 25-Oct-2004 Documentary
Plotkin's Chums (1): Eminent Scientists Sign their Names to Falsehoods 22-Nov-2004 Articles
The Annexing of the Stanleyville Samples 30-Nov-2004 Articles
Professor John P. Moore replies to "Plotkin's chums (1)" 18-Dec-2004 Articles
Sundance Channel Acquires Rights 11-Jan-2005 News Items, Documentary
The Latest Scientific Evidence Strongly Supports the OPV Theory 27-Jan-2005 Articles
Origins of AIDS Documentary - Gallery 02-Jul-2005 Documentary
The Politics of a Scientific Meeting 01-Sep-2005 Royal Society, Conferences, Journal Items
People 15-Oct-2005