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More Worobey Misinformation 10-Oct-2008 News Items
HIV-1 in 1908? Another Sad Comedy of Errors from Michael Worobey 09-Oct-2008 Articles
A Nobel Prize for Montagnier and Barré-Sinoussi 07-Oct-2008 News Items
Michael Worobey’s Possession of 1950s Tissue Samples from Stanleyville (Kisangani) 19-Mar-2008 Articles
Michael Worobey’s Wobbly Research into the Early History of HIV 19-Mar-2008 Articles
Contested Testimony in Scientific Disputes: the Case of the Origins of AIDS 03-Nov-2007 Journal Items
"Back in ten minutes" - A Personal Message From Ed Hooper 01-Jul-2007 News Items
The Death of Professor Paul M. Osterrieth - and its Significance for the Origins of AIDS debate 04-Jan-2007 Articles
Smoke and Mirrors from Stanley Plotkin 08-Dec-2006 Articles
The Seeds of Doom 09-Oct-2006 News Items
Science Magazine Rejects Yet Another Submission 27-Jul-2006 Journal Items
Three Warnings About Potential Future Malpractice by Members of "the Bushmeat Group" 27-Jul-2006 Articles
Welcome to AIDS Origins 26-Jul-2006
Beatrice Hahn. A Portrait of Scientific Certainty 26-Jul-2006 Articles
The Hollywooding of Science 16-Jun-2006 Articles
The Emperor's New Clothes: Beatrice Hahn and The Latest Mumbo Jumbo 26-May-2006 Articles
HIV Origin 'Found in Wild Chimps' 26-May-2006 News Items
Found at Last: the Chimps that Gave AIDS to the World 26-May-2006 News Items
The Bushmeat Theorists Fail to Deliver Once Again 28-Mar-2006 Articles
How Academics Sometimes Assist With the Airbrushing of History 26-Mar-2006 Articles
Review of Dephlogistication ... 06-Mar-2006 Journal Items
Novel Attacks on HIV Move Closer to Reality 06-Mar-2006 Journal Items
Second Letter to Prof. Iliffe 26-Feb-2006 News Items
First Letter to Prof. Iliffe 21-Feb-2006 News Items
New Claims from Paul Sharp - But Has the Source of HIV-1 Really Been Located? 20-Feb-2006 Articles
Tracing HIV's Steps 10-Feb-2006 News Items
Analysis: Tracking the source of AIDS 08-Feb-2006 News Items
Frontmatter from "Narrow Roads of Gene Land" 25-Nov-2005 Journal Items
1959 Manchester Case of Syndrome Resembling AIDS 25-Nov-2005 Journal Items
Gemini Award for The Origins of AIDS 21-Nov-2005 Documentary
Bill Hamilton's Involvement with the OPV Theory 15-Nov-2005 Journal Items
From the Dust Jacket of The River 18-Oct-2005 The River
Book Covers 18-Oct-2005 The River
Glossary 15-Oct-2005
People 15-Oct-2005
The Politics of a Scientific Meeting 01-Sep-2005 Royal Society, Conferences, Journal Items
Origins of AIDS Documentary - Gallery 02-Jul-2005 Documentary
The Latest Scientific Evidence Strongly Supports the OPV Theory 27-Jan-2005 Articles
Sundance Channel Acquires Rights 11-Jan-2005 News Items, Documentary
Professor John P. Moore replies to "Plotkin's chums (1)" 18-Dec-2004 Articles
The Annexing of the Stanleyville Samples 30-Nov-2004 Articles
Plotkin's Chums (1): Eminent Scientists Sign their Names to Falsehoods 22-Nov-2004 Articles
Prix Europa 25-Oct-2004 Documentary
The New Round of Legal Threats by Doctors Koprowski and Plotkin 15-Oct-2004 Articles
Untruths, Misrepresentations and Spin 15-Oct-2004 Articles
The Allegation that The River has Damaged Modern Attempts to Eradicate Polio 15-Oct-2004 Articles
Dr Hilary Koprowski - The Man of Many Ideas 15-Oct-2004 Articles
Emmy Nomination for "The Origins of AIDS" 14-Oct-2004 News Items, Documentary
Edward Hooper Biography 26-May-2004
Obituary for Maria Luisa Bozzi, 1939-2004 19-May-2004 News Items