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Wistar Institute Press Release on Testing of Polio Vaccine Samples 11-Sep-2000 News Items
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WHO Rejects Claim That AIDS Came From Polio Vaccine 13-Sep-2000 News Items
When intellectual dishonesty becomes a crime: Nature and its cynical promotion of bad science. 01-Dec-2008 Articles
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Welcome to AIDS Origins 26-Jul-2006
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Walter A. Nelson-Rees Obituary 24-Jan-2009 Articles
Voici la Chronique Arts et Spectacles 10-May-2004 News Items, Documentary
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Vaccine-AIDS Link Dismissed Scientists say Virus Predates Polio Serum 12-Sep-2000 News Items, Royal Society, Conferences
Up the River Without a Paddle? 23-Sep-1999 The River
Untruths, Misrepresentations and Spin 15-Oct-2004 Articles
Un Virus aux Origines Encore Mysterieuses 17-Apr-2004 Documentary
Un Documentaire sur « Les Origines du Sida » 28-Apr-2004 Documentary
U.S. Researchers Stung by Claims of AIDS Origin 08-Nov-1999 News Items, The River
Truth and Science: Bill Hamilton's Legacy 08-Mar-2003 Lincei, Conferences, Journal Items
Tracking AIDS' Origin 29-Oct-1999 News Items, The River
Tracing HIV's Steps 10-Feb-2006 News Items
Tom Curtis 24-Jan-2017 News Items
Tissue Wars 02-Mar-2000 News Items, The River
Three Warnings About Potential Future Malpractice by Members of "the Bushmeat Group" 27-Jul-2006 Articles
This Little Boy is Dying of AIDS... ...Did Western Medicine Give it to Him? 04-Oct-1999 News Items, The River
THES Review 18-Feb-2000 News Items, The River
The White Death 18-Oct-1996 News Items
The Story of a Man-Made Disease 18-Mar-2003 News Items, Articles
The Seeds of Doom 09-Oct-2006 News Items
The River Runs Through It 16-Mar-2000 News Items, The River
The recent Faria paper in Science: More flimsy AIDS origins speculations 23-Oct-2014 News Items, Articles
The recent Faria paper in Science: More flimsy AIDS origins speculations 23-Oct-2014 AIDSOrigins newsletter
The Politics of a Scientific Meeting 01-Sep-2005 Royal Society, Conferences, Journal Items
The Origins of the AIDS Pandemic 25-Apr-2012 Articles
The Origins of AIDS: A December 2015 Update 07-Dec-2015 News Items
The Origins of AIDS 03-May-2004 News Items, Documentary
The Origin of AIDS 15-Jun-2000 News Items, The River
The Origin of AIDS 20-Mar-1992 Articles
The Origin of Aids 06-Sep-2000 News Items, Royal Society, Conferences
The New Round of Legal Threats by Doctors Koprowski and Plotkin 15-Oct-2004 Articles
The New AIDS Origins Web-Site 07-Jul-2013 AIDSOrigins newsletter
The Man Who Knew Too Soon 20-Jan-2000 News Items, The River
The Makings of a Medical Disaster 31-Aug-1999 News Items, The River
The Latest Scientific Evidence Strongly Supports the OPV Theory 27-Jan-2005 Articles
The Hollywooding of Science 16-Jun-2006 Articles
The End of Aetiology 27-Dec-1999 News Items, The River
The Emperor's New Clothes: Beatrice Hahn and The Latest Mumbo Jumbo 26-May-2006 Articles
The Dirty Side of the Origin-of-AIDS Debate 23-Feb-2004 News Items
The Death of Professor Paul M. Osterrieth - and its Significance for the Origins of AIDS debate 04-Jan-2007 Articles
The Death of Hilary Koprowski 14-Apr-2013 News Items
The Death of an American Hero 25-Jan-2009 Articles
The Death Of a Truthful Man. Pierre Doupagne, (1923-2008) 07-Nov-2008 Articles