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A Nobel Prize for Montagnier and Barré-Sinoussi 07-Oct-2008 News Items
Dephlogistication, Imperial Display, Apes, Angels, and the Return of Monsieur Émile Zola 28-Sep-2001 Lincei, Conferences, Journal Items
Earliest AIDS Case Is Called Into Doubt 04-Apr-1995 News Items
"A Dog's Breakfast": Michael Worobey's New Paper Seeks to "Exonerate" Patient Zero 30-Oct-2016 Michael Worobey, News Items
"A Strange Case of Certainty", by Robert Dildine. 15-Sep-2015 News Items
"Back in ten minutes" - A Personal Message From Ed Hooper 01-Jul-2007 News Items
"Origin of AIDS" Update 10-Dec-1993 News Items
"The Origins of AIDS" Documentary, 2003 04-Jul-2013 News Items, Documentary
1959 Manchester Case of Syndrome Resembling AIDS 25-Nov-2005 Journal Items
A Comprehensive Response to Recent Publications 25-Apr-2012 News Items
A Controversial HIV/AIDS Hypothesis 25-Sep-1999 The River
A New and Important Paper by Brian Martin 17-Jun-2010 Journal Items
A New HIV-1 Sample from 1966 16-Jul-2019 Michael Worobey, News Items
A Startling 19,000-Word Thesis on the Origin of AIDS 01-Mar-1992 Journal Items
About Us 01-May-2004
Africa News 21-Sep-2000 News Items, Royal Society, Conferences
AIDS and the Polio Vaccine 22-Aug-1992 Journal Items
Aids and the Polio Vaccine 03-Apr-2003 News Items
AIDS Origins Website 30-Jun-2013 AIDSOrigins newsletter
AIDS Theory vs. Lawsuit 28-Jan-1994 Journal Items
AIDS Wars 16-Sep-2000 News Items, Royal Society, Conferences
AIDS Weekly 25-Sep-2000 News Items
AIDS' Jersey Roots Explored 26-Dec-1999 News Items, The River
AIDS: A Man-Made Disaster? 24-Jun-2000 News Items, The River
Amazon Review 13-Oct-1999 The River
An Improbable Theory on AIDS Is Put to the Test 22-Mar-2000 News Items
An Interesting Question 15-Jul-2017 News Items
Analysis: Tracking the source of AIDS 08-Feb-2006 News Items
Appeal to Science 24-Feb-1994 Journal Items
As Far as is Known, Modern Polio Vaccines are Safe 03-Mar-2004 Articles
Beatrice Hahn. A Portrait of Scientific Certainty 26-Jul-2006 Articles
Bedtime Story 03-Nov-2014 Articles
Bill Hamilton's Foreword to The River 01-Oct-1999 The River
Bill Hamilton's Involvement with the OPV Theory 15-Nov-2005 Journal Items
Bitter Debate on Polio-Vaccine Theory of AIDS 21-Sep-2000 News Items, The River
Blame Me 13-Nov-1999 The River, Journal Items
Book Covers 18-Oct-2005 The River
Book on AIDS Raises Tempest 10-Sep-2000 News Items, Royal Society, Conferences
Chimpanzees and Journalists 01-Jan-2004 Journal Items
Commentary 11-Oct-2000 Royal Society, Conferences
Comments on the Lincei Conference 17-Oct-2003 Lincei, Conferences
Comments on the Papers by Stanley Plotkin and Hilary Koprowski 15-Oct-2000 Royal Society, Conferences, Articles
Comments on Worobey et al.'s Supplementary Information and Map 23-Apr-2004 Journal Items, Articles
Contaminated Polio Vaccine Theory Not Refuted 20-Apr-2004 Articles
Contested Testimony in Scientific Disputes: the Case of the Origins of AIDS 03-Nov-2007 Journal Items
Could an Ancient Sample of HIV-1 be Faked? 02-Dec-2003 Articles
Course of a Killer Virus 25-Sep-1999 News Items, The River
Critical thinking about the origin of AIDS: Comments on Stephen Jenkins’ account 19-May-2016 News Items
Daily Telegraph Review 02-Mar-2000 News Items, The River
Debate Over the Origin of AIDS 09-Nov-1999 News Items, The River