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Latest Posting on AidsOrigins 15-Jul-2017 AIDSOrigins newsletter
An Interesting Question 15-Jul-2017 News Items
Latest Posting on 24-Jan-2017 AIDSOrigins newsletter
Tom Curtis 24-Jan-2017 News Items
Latest Posting from AidsOrigins 30-Oct-2016 AIDSOrigins newsletter
"A Dog's Breakfast": Michael Worobey's New Paper Seeks to "Exonerate" Patient Zero 30-Oct-2016 Michael Worobey, News Items
Latest Posting on 19-May-2016 AIDSOrigins newsletter
Critical thinking about the origin of AIDS: Comments on Stephen Jenkins’ account 19-May-2016 News Items
Latest Posting on 16-May-2016 AIDSOrigins newsletter
Wikipedia's Strange Certainty 16-May-2016 News Items
Latest Posting on 07-Dec-2015 AIDSOrigins newsletter
The Origins of AIDS: A December 2015 Update 07-Dec-2015 News Items
Latest Posting on 21-Sep-2015 AIDSOrigins newsletter
"A Strange Case of Certainty", by Robert Dildine. 15-Sep-2015 News Items
Latest Posting on 12-Nov-2014 AIDSOrigins newsletter
More supportive of OPV/AIDS than of the bushmeat hypothesis. (A revised response to the recent Faria paper in Science.) 12-Nov-2014 News Items, Articles
Bedtime Story 03-Nov-2014 Articles
The recent Faria paper in Science: More flimsy AIDS origins speculations 23-Oct-2014 AIDSOrigins newsletter
The recent Faria paper in Science: More flimsy AIDS origins speculations 23-Oct-2014 News Items, Articles
Nobel Prize-winner Lambasts Nature and Science 10-Dec-2013 News Items
The New AIDS Origins Web-Site 07-Jul-2013 AIDSOrigins newsletter
Welcome to the New AIDS Origins Site 05-Jul-2013 News Items, Articles
"The Origins of AIDS" Documentary, 2003 04-Jul-2013 News Items, Documentary
AIDS Origins Website 30-Jun-2013 AIDSOrigins newsletter
View "The Origins of AIDS" Documentary 30-Jun-2013 Documentary
NYT Letter: Hilary Koprowski 22-Apr-2013 News Items
Hilary Koprowski: LA Times Obituary 22-Apr-2013 News Items
Hilary Koprowski: NY Times Obituary 21-Apr-2013 News Items
Hilary Koprowski: The Independent Obituary 18-Apr-2013 News Items
Hilary Koprowski: The Daily Telegraph Obituary 16-Apr-2013 News Items
Koprowski Passes On, But Others Repeat the Same Old Untruths About How AIDS Began 16-Apr-2013 Articles
Hilary Koprowski: The Philadelphia Inquirer Obituary 14-Apr-2013 News Items
The Death of Hilary Koprowski 14-Apr-2013 News Items
More Mumbo Jumbo from the Wrongo Congo 29-Jan-2013 Articles
NYT Letter: Polio Campaigns 25-Dec-2012 News Items
Some Glimmer of Light, Perhaps, At The End Of The Tunnel? 10-Oct-2012 Articles
The Origins of the AIDS Pandemic 25-Apr-2012 Articles
Review of The Origins of AIDS by Jacques Pepin 25-Apr-2012 Articles
Review of Tinderbox by Craig Timberg and Daniel Halperin 25-Apr-2012 Articles
A Comprehensive Response to Recent Publications 25-Apr-2012 News Items
The Air-Brushing of History 25-Apr-2012 Articles
The Bushmeat Gang (The Gang That Couldn't Tell The Time!) 22-Nov-2010 Articles
A New and Important Paper by Brian Martin 17-Jun-2010 Journal Items
The Death of an American Hero 25-Jan-2009 Articles
Walter A. Nelson-Rees Obituary 24-Jan-2009 Articles
When intellectual dishonesty becomes a crime: Nature and its cynical promotion of bad science. 01-Dec-2008 Articles
The Death Of a Truthful Man. Pierre Doupagne, (1923-2008) 07-Nov-2008 Articles
New Honour for Hilary Koprowski 10-Oct-2008 News Items
More Worobey Misinformation 10-Oct-2008 News Items
HIV-1 in 1908? Another Sad Comedy of Errors from Michael Worobey 09-Oct-2008 Articles